Riding After A Break: Pushing Boundaries

by Zee Traveler

There’s plenty of things that can come between us and our motorcycles; family obligations, bad weather, injuries, a heavy workload. That time off of our machines is prone to causing anxiety and apprehension about getting on again. What if you forgot how to ride? What if you drop it because you’re out of practice? These are common thoughts for everyone after a break from riding but it’s not as bad getting back on as we think.

After a long period off your motorcycle it’s a good idea to get familiar with it mechanically again. Check the air pressure in the tires, the tread, lube the chain, look for loose parts, check for leaks, and maybe even do an oil change to ensure your machine is in strong working order. That’ll put your mind at ease from any mechanical failures so you can focus on building your confidence back up.

The next step is going to be the hardest one, which is honestly as complicated and as simple as ‘go.

If you’ve got someone you trust, and don’t mind looking a little silly in front of, take them on the ride with you. If you’re going on your own, just take it easy. Start off in low traffic areas you’re familiar with, keep your head on a swivel, and breathe. Riding a motorcycle is exactly like riding a bicycle, you never forget how and it comes back quickly once you’re doing it again. Before you know it, you’ll be cruising around town like you always used to and those hiatus worries will be left in the dust behind you.

All about Zee: I started out to ride across the country in August of 2016 with no more than having ridden 3 hours at one time. Since then I’ve stayed living on my motorcycle, traversed 43 states and 3 Canadian provinces. 20,000 miles is the most I’ve done in one year of adventuring (excluding commuting miles) but I’ve totaled 45,000 adventure miles in all and another 10,000 in commuting while I stop for work. I’ve got one official Iron Butt ride with 1,056 miles in 19 hours plus a couple unofficial long hauls I did to get somewhere in a hurry. I never imagined I would be here three years ago so I know anyone can do what I’ve done if you just start. Feel free to contact me thru Facebook or my website if you have questions or feedback. Thank you!

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