Our Mission Statement & Values

We co-ordinate women motorcycle riders across the world to participate in the “Women Riders World Relay”, bringing fun, experience, confidence and a sense of unity to women riders globally.

Our values can be summarized as the following: Be adventurous. Be courageous. Be inspiring. Be real. Be united.

The Success of WRWR

Women Rider’s World Relay has successfully completed the world’s largest motorcycle relay; not just as women riders, but as a part of humanity.

We can’t help but embrace the strength of the women who have made this success a reality, however; Women riders have proven to the motorcycle industry, and the world, that we are a force in the market.

We have inspired women world wide that women make big things happen. Even in an industry that was once dominated by men.

WRWR Terminology

WRWR has many different types of volunteers, riders, and participants. Here are some WRWR specific terms!

  • Executive Leadership Team – formerly known as Admins, the new group of WRWR leadership are referred to as the ELT.
  • VPs (Vice Presidents) – The Executive Leadership Team is comprised of 13 VPs, with three divisions of geographic regional responsibility.
  • Division – Team within the ELT that covers particular regions and countries across the globe. There are three divisions: Americas (North, Central, South America and the Caribbean), AO (Asia and Oceania), and EUMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). For more information on our ELT and Divisions, please see the Our Team page.
  • Ambassador – Main representative of WRWR for a particular country or region. Responsible for route coordination during a relay year and for membership coordination in off relay years.
  • Guardians – World Relay Participants.
  • Pistons – Ripple Replay Participants.