I’m a woman with a KTM 690 Enduro R and I love a good bad idea. I was once a lawyer in Sydney, Australia, but I decided that instead of dying at my desk, I’d rather risk it all doing something awesome. So since February 2017, I’ve been on the road solo, riding from Sydney to Paris.

I don’t have much, but I have all the time in the world. It took me six months to make my way through outback Australia, a month through Timor Leste, 9.5 months around Indonesia, and now onto Malaysian Borneo. I’ve slept in ditches, carparks, and beside rivers under a sky full of stars; I’ve cursed as I’ve sweated alone through gnarly offroad sections in forty degree heat, and I’ve actually cried with happiness on those unspeakably perfect riding mornings, where the view takes you breath away and you don’t even know where you are.

Most mornings, I wake up and look for the smallest, squiggliest lines on the map, and try to follow them. When people extend invitations or make suggestions, I almost always say yes. The world is full of amazing people, all living different versions of life.

Motorcycles bring the pleasure, and they make all the questions go away. My 690 Enduro gives me freedom, and a ticket to all the world. In my previous life, it was sportsbikes: dropping the elbow and the knee as you come into the corner, that shot of addrenalin as you chase the vanishing point.

You know that feeling.

Ride on, ladies. Ride on.