I started riding as soon as I could get my licence (16), it was in Sydney and I bought a Yamaha DT 175 off my best friends brother. I had never ridden before and I don’t have any reason why I loved bikes so much, there is no one in the family who inspired me, the ironic thing is I always wanted a Ducati and later found out my uncle has a collection of old ones.

I then started being a motor cycle courier in Sydney and that lasted a good 5 years and 2 bikes, the next bike was a Suzuki GSX 250 as I needed a little more oomph and I was tired of being called a Chook Chaser… (Still no Ducati)

The years that followed always included a motor bike and lots of travel around Australia, sometimes I felt it wasn’t enough and always wanted to race but didn’t know how to get into it. I was always going to the races and felt I would like to be in a side car… that then came with your bloody mad!! (Still no Ducati) My strong desire to race quickly became a dream as I welcomed my 2 kids into the crazy world of motorbikes. At this stage of my life I didn’t have a motorbike but often hired one so I could please my addiction of riding and freedom, (and boy did I need that more that ever before)

It wasn’t until I was 38 and just had my 3rd baby (yeah I know what you are all thinking) that I decided it was time for that Ducati… so I bought a Ducati Pantah 1982 600, its still my baby. I live in a great part of Australia for Motorbike riding and while out and about I met the love of my life, my husband who happens to be a motorcycle mechanic and races classic/historic bikes, I started out on the track at Broadford Easter Bonanza and started to get that itch to race again and the feeling didn’t help when I was watching my husband. So I joined Preston Motorcycle club at the age of 49 and started Bracket racing, then I raced in the Vic Road Racing Championships at Broadford in the P5 unlimited superbike race on a Jaffa Kawasaki Z1 900 1973.  That is what I love and at 52 there is no stopping me, except my fitness for wanting to do side car racing where I am still getting called a Maddy. (Still have the Ducati)