Hello from Canada, eh!

My name is Vanna, and I like bikes. ?

It’s that simple really. I’d love to say that I’ve done something super extraordinary like traversed the world on two wheels, broken a land speed record, or even ridden a track day. But I’m really just a simple woman, that loves to ride her bike. Probably much like many of our other wonderful WRWR members. And I think that’s pretty awesome ?

Growing up with my dad and four older brothers, all of whom ride, I’ve been around bikes all my life. I always loved riding pillion. I vividly remember the moment I first fell in love with motorcycling. I was just a kid, riding on the back of my brother’s old silver and blue 1981 Suzuki GS650. I can still feel the amazement and wonder I had as he took the corners like … well, like we were on some kind of magic carpet!

I was fascinated, captivated, mesmerized, and awestruck! I leaned into every corner with him, and I saw the pavement, so close, just sliding by like we were floating on the air above it. I decided right then and there “one day I’m gonna learn how to do this!”.

In my early teens another brother took me to see some crazy motocross action in the middle of nowhere. These riders defied physics, thumbed their noses at gravity, scoffed at danger, and sparked my imagination all over again! I still get fizzies in my belly just thinking about it! My love affair with bikes was cemented!

Cut to my 39th birthday. Though I’d had lot’s of adventures in my twenties and thirties; falling in love (my wonderful husband has been riding since he was a teenager!), living overseas, travelling the world, sky diving, swimming with wild dolphins, sharks, manta rays, and even crocodiles, learning to surf, windsurf, abseil and parasail, ski and snowboard, Zorb and more, I’d still not gotten around to learning how to ride. I’d kept putting it off for one reason or another, content to be pillion. But I was determined to learn before I turned 40. And so, one day, I decided to stop with the excuses, and just do it!

I’ve been riding for several years now. And although I haven’t traversed the globe on two wheels, broken a land speed record or even ridden a track day (you can put the word “yet” after any of those feats ?), I LOVE to ride! I love all the amazing people I’ve met because of it, and I look forward to all the amazing people I have yet to meet. The community is like nothing I’ve ever been a part of before. It’s like a big, giant family. And when I’m on my bike it’s like I’m home.

Do what excites you, ladies. Live life to the fullest.

Carpe Diem. Grab that throttle, and ride on!