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Vice President of HR

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How long have you been riding?
I got my license in 2008

What do you ride?
My current ride is a black BMW F 650 GS from 2000 called Betsy

Why do you ride?
Riding a motorcycle never gets boring. The feeling you have when riding a bike is not comparable in any way to driving a car. On a bike you are directly in the scene, you smell the surrounding, you shiver when reaching colder areas, you feel the motor running beneath your butt and it’s heat. You pull the throttle, BRAAAAAAAAAP, click, BRAAAAAP! On a bike you can get anywhere you want. I just love it.

What is your greatest achievement on two wheels?
That I never had a serious accident since I got my license (and I want to leave it like that!). Surviving 2.400 km through Vietnam on crappy bikes was an awesome achievement after not riding for three years. Or riding through the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia without any off road experience… I did some crazy stuff, don’t let my mum know!

What potential impact do think WRWR would have on the world?
In times like these I hope that WRWR will bring women worldwide closer together. We all are different but we unite for the sake of riding and we all love it. I hope to give women more confidence about what they are able to achieve if they come together. And the world needs to see what a beautiful variety of female bikers we have out there!!!

Do you have a good crash story?
On our motorbike trip to Cambodia we had to cross a river with a VERY small boat. We got on it, we crossed the river safely, but when I had to leave the boat I forgot the backpack that was strapped on the rear end of the bike. Pulled the throttle too hard, made a wheelie up the steep riverbank and crashed my bike in front of the whole village. Whoops!

Do you have a biking idol?
No, not really.

Do you work on your own bikes?
Yes, I try to do the basic maintenance myself. As long as I got the tools in the garage and youtube, I will attempt it, hehe.

What’s your dream bike?
My heart beats for enduro machines, they are just so much fun! So I would definitely chose the Honda CRF 250 Rally or 450 Rally, Husqvarna 701, Africa Twin or Yamaha XT (all of them with full adventure pack for sure!)

Where would you most like to ride in the world?
I want to ride all around the globe, ha! Every country has it’s own charm and particularities, don’t want to miss one of them!



Where are you from?
I was born in Germany, but my mother’s from Norway.K.

What do you do for work?
Rocket science! No, just kidding, I have an office job…

How old are you?

Do you have a family of your own?

Would you teach your kids to ride?
If they would be interested, sure why not?

Were you in any groups or clubs before WRWR
My boyfriend and I share our garage with two friends, and together we have an unofficial club called “Knatterschlangen” (rattle snakes)

What do you enjoy doing aside from biking?
Food. I love food! Travelling, sports, books, cooking (did I mention that I love food?), gather unnecessary knowledge, music, science documentaries, and writing about motorbike adventures in our blog (

What one word best describes you

…Now what one word that people who know you well would describe you

Do you have a biker name – if not what would it be
Hangry Bird

What super powers do you have and what would you have if you could choose?
I’m pretty good in spotting loose screws, bolts or other broken things on a bike. Hopeless optimist. If I could choose I would love to know all languages of the world to be able to communicate with whomever I want.

Who got you into riding?
Nobody. I rode as a pillion a few times, got curious, tried it and got addicted.

Why did you join WRWR?
Hayley forced me to, haha! Read about her idea, offered help and here we are. And I want to do one or more legs of course!