For the love of empowering other women riders and inspiring you to get out there and ride your own ride, here is my short story…

I’m an adventurer, mother, motorcycle enthusiast, motivator, and EMT. When I was five I got my first ride, a 1985 Honda three wheeler. Fast forward a few years and I was ripping it up mountain trails on a Honda Fat Cat. Several motorcycles and many years later I’m now riding and adventuring on a DR650.

It’s hard not to smile when I’m braapin’! The wind rushes through my helmet, I rip around curvy dirt roads, dust is flying, I’m in the “zone”, everything feels right. I think to myself, THIS is the sh*t I live for!

My soul craves adventure, it always has, and riding gives me the opportunity to meet that adventure face to face. When I ride there’s a mental shift, my body and my mind are in perfect rhythm. All the pieces of this crazy beautiful life seem to come together and everything is in perfect balance….my body, mind, and soul. Maybe the magic is in the dirt, I don’t know. Riding is and always has been my escape, my passion and my therapy.

Motorcycles have opened up my world and connected me to “my tribe”. I’ve met some truly amazing people riding and I’m so grateful to be surrounded by people who share the moto-love!

Ride On.



Meeting location: John O'groats Sign Post

Meet time: 8:00am

Leaving time: 9:00am

Route:  Riding the twists and turns of the Scottish hills through the A99 and A9. Picture perfect views guaranteed along the road!

Challenges: Weather conditions will be cold, potential snow, ice, rain (we are in the UK), be prepared with appropriate bike maintenance prior to the day, clothing and gear! There's a warm brew waiting for us in Inverness ladies!

Ending location: Inverness

Ending time: 17:00pm