Cars loaded with WRWR goodies and layers upon layers to brave the British elements, I set off to meet fellow admin Sara down the 7 hour car journey to Brands Hatch. 1 speeding ticket later… we both arrived at our kindly donated home for the weekend. Rach (a WRWR member) had answered our calls of help and offered us what I can only describe as the “homeliest home from homes ever” for the weekend.

We sacked off the unloading of the cars and chatted to Rach for a while about all the exciting things we had been up to with WRWR and of course, shared a few humorous bike stories between us! The long drive and mad rush prior to get everything organised wiped us out. We hit the hay early and awoke eagerly at the 5am alarm (the only times I will ever use the words “eagerly” and “5am alarm” in the same sentence, is if bikes are involved!)

Back on the road, a short 30 minutes later, we saw the sign for Brands Hatch race circuit in the distance.

The sun rising over the track started to warm the rumble of excited spectators, racers, shops and officials around the circuit.

Together, we unloaded our stand. All these little things we had been rushing around organizing for weeks before hand, now perfectly positioned in front of us and “looking the part”. We stood back, coffees in hand and admired our work.

It was quite a surreal moment for us both. I could hear the same thoughts bouncing through Sara’s mind.

“5 weeks. Look what we have managed to achieve in 5 WEEKS!”

It wasn’t the promotional gear as such that brought this thought on. It was actually the first time we had had chance to stop for 30 minutes and take in what has been achieved by everybody involved in WRWR. We both sighed a sigh of bliss and pride, looked at each other and smiled the same smile we all wear when out on our bikes.

This is it girls. We are doing it!

The crowds began to buzz around the stalls and we were off! Conversation after conversation of positive, amazed, intrigued women and men filled our little stall!

We met every type of person from old to young, pillions to racers, cruisers to speedway riders, WRWR members to people who had no clue idea about our group. The response we received from everybody was so inspiring and lifting.

I couldn’t help but stop and think “I wish the girls in the group could see this and hear how proud and excited people are about us all performing this event.”


We didn’t have any time to watch the racing but heard from a fellow lady that WRWR member Claire Lomas was heading our way after completing her lap around the circuit on the Ducati SuperSport S.

For those of you that don’t know Claire, a horse riding accident left her paralyzed from the chest down. Despite her injuries leaving her with paraplegia, Claire has shown the upmost of bravery, determination and down right grit by overcoming the enormous challenge of riding a motorbike.

Claire (as we expected) was a pleasure to chat to and the grin she wore having just come off circuit mirrored across both mine and Sara’s faces too.

Well done Claire. You are simply amazing!

The day was filled with excited chatter and friendly faces! Jayda Howe and her mum and dad came over for a really great chat. Jayda is only 12 years old and my god can that girl ride! A delight to talk to, Jayda is such a sweet kid and the conversation we had with her mum and dad around her racing, attitude towards it and determination was really special. We look forward to seeing where she will progress in racing. We are all routing for you Jayda! Go on girl!

After a comfy nights sleep (thanks to Rach again!) We headed back out to Brands on Sunday morning. More prepared, equally as excited, we battened down the hatches and braced the cold and rain!

We anticipated that there would be less of a turn out on Sunday due to the typical British weather, but boy were we wrong! If there’s one thing us bikers are it’s LOYAL. In they came, anoraks suctioned to bodies with the rain, umbrellas leaning into the wind as they marched to the sound of engines revving, tyres being changed and tanoys calling riders out to start.

Fortunately for us, we had taken shelter under Susie Ellison and Dean Ellisons shop tent! Yet another time the superstar couple have saved our skin! I had spoken to Susie a few weeks ago about WRWR.

Susie and Dean have helped us none end with getting organised for events for WRWR. From Susie making us last minute T-shirts and Hoodies to ensure we keep warm and look the part, to allowing us to host our WRWR stand alongside their shops “Big Bobble Hats” and “MCA Leicester” at both Brands Hatch and Motorcycle Live at the NEC. They have both shown so much kindness and support to WRWR and us personally. We can’t thank you enough Susie and Dean, you’re amazing! We are looking forward to standing side by side with you again at the NEC in November!

We met so many supportive racers, industry professionals, riders, non-riders… but nothing could prepare us for our next supporter. Standing tall at 7m high “Rex” let out an almighty “ROAR” when we told him about WRWR. Rex is still working on his bed making skills before setting his arms length to a throttle. Thanks Rex!