We understand it’s difficult to keep track of announcements in the Facebook group and posts can often get lost in the sea of inspirational women posting within the group. We created the “announcements” page so that you can quickly and easily scan our most important shout outs!

???Registration Information???

Please read, react, and comment to help others see this!!

Looking to register ✔️ for #wrwr2019 ? and ride the relay ? ?

Visit and click through to the country ? you would like to register in!

If you see the photo below ?, wait  for your country’s ? announcement ? here!!

We are working as quickly ? as possible to open registrations!!


Please keep in mind, when you post to your personal Facebook page, and then share that post to the WRWR Facebook group, the post cannot be tagged with a topic (eg. “posts from the road (baton route)” or “posts from the road (ripple relay)”).

Please consider posting your stories and pictures and messages from the relay ride directly to WRWR first (or separately) so it can be tagged and thereby members can use the Topics tool in Facebook to follow all your amazing posts and follow the baton adventure across the globe.


Mañana llegará el testigo a España ?????

Si vas a hacer la ruta en nuestro país, o quieres asistir a uno de nuestros eventos, entra en nuestro grupo

Thank you to everyone who has applied to be an Ambassador.

This is the list of countries that are still open:

Slovakia, Ukraine, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique.

Please share this post with anyone who has connections in these countries.



#WRWR2019 Live Tracker Uodate!

It’s now up-to-date and will refresh every 2 hours ? It won’t follow the exact route as we haven’t got battery power to stay on every minute of the ride so you’ll see lots of straight lines but you’ll get the essence ??

Go check it out here:


We want to capture an authentic and eclectic experience of the relay as it travels across the world – and that’s where YOU come in!

If you’ve signed up at a Guardian, are planning on attending an event to support WRWR or are pitching up on the road with a hope to catch a glimpse of the relay as it rides through your town – please share these moments with us here:

It’s going to be beautiful ladies! Let’s show the world what we are made of!

World ?, here we come!! ?? Ladies, throttles at the ready ?, it’s time to lay on the gas ⛽️ tomorrow we circle the globe ?!!

?? Attention Australians!??

Please welcome Christi Hartwig as your new Ambassador!

All right, ladies of the USA, this one’s for you.

The US route will not be posted for sign up yet, but I know a lot of you would like to make plans, so here it is.

18 days starting on Sep 25th in Maine. Dates and destinations are set, but routes may change.

There’s going to be some long days of slab, but there’s also going to be some amazing roads like the Pacific Coast Highway.

We’ll be stopping at some great American motorcycling institutions, like the AMA Hall of Fame Museum, Harley Davidson and Sturgis.

There’s also going to be events in major cities, so keep an ear out for announcements.

Day 7 will be a brutal 1026 miles, completing an Iron Butt for those who have what it takes.

And for the ADV riders, days 15&16 will be on Colorado dirt roads with some special riders to be announced later.

All in all this route was designed to push your boundaries, see some amazing parts of this country, and show the world what badass riders we are.

So who’s going to join me?


Hello Canadians!!!

I have listened to your feedback and I have created a Facebook Group specifically for the Canadian Route. 
To all of you that tried the forum a big thank you but it seems the majority has spoken so we will try using Facebook.

Please follow the link and join the group
WRWR Canada. ?

The following country registrations are now open:
France, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina!!!!
Your Ambassadors will also make an announcement. Great job to all the Ambassadors!!! 
Get ready to ride!!!


In preparation for the start of the relay, we have now set our tracker “live” on the WRWR website!

You will be able to track the movements of the baton as it embarks on its journey across 90 countries!

A special thanks to BikeTrac for donating us our trackers and putting up with my mothering questions ?

Bonjour les Françaises et les Espagnoles !


Nous nous excusons au sujet d’un problème que nous avons avec le langage utilisé sur le site Web. Nous voulions vous envoyer les itinéraires plus tôt, mais leur traduction a posé des problèmes. Nous travaillons toujours sur cette question mais nous avons pensé que vous aviez besoin de voir les itinéraires (même si c’est en anglais pour l’instant !)

Veuillez consulter le site et naviguer dans le pays de votre choix pour vous inscrire en tant que Gardien !

Nous sommes impatients de vous voir sur la route !


Hola, señoras francesas y españolas!


Nos disculpamos por un problema que estamos teniendo con el idioma en el sitio web. Queríamos hacerles llegar las rutas antes, pero la traducción de las mismas ha causado problemas. Todavía estamos trabajando en este tema, pero sentimos que necesitabas ver las rutas (¡aunque sea en inglés en este momento!).

Por favor, visite y navegue por el país de su elección para inscribirse como Guardián!

No podemos esperar a verte en la carretera!

Traducción realizada con el traductor


Hello French and Spanish ladies!


We apologize about an issue we are having with the language on the website. We wanted to get the routes to you sooner but the translation of them has caused problems. We are still working on this issue but felt you needed to see the routes (even if its in English at present!)

Please see and navigate the your chosen country to sign up as a Guardian!!

We cant wait to see you on the road!

?❤️ A message from the Admins of WRWR and a thanks to everyone who is a part of this. ❤️ ?


As we’ve been releasing some routes there’s been a mixed reaction. I want to put this out there as a guideline for everyone:

Global Relay = A baton being passed from woman to woman while traveling by motorcycle through over 80 countries on an around the world route. This isn’t about taking a leisurely cruise through the twisties, it’s about making a statement.

Ripple Relay = A flag representing each country will be passed from woman to woman while traveling by motorcycle throughout that country, and attempt to reach as many women as possible. This is about taking a leisurely cruise through the twisties AND making a statement.

Global Relay = Long day rides. Much of it highway to cover as much distance as possible. Need to get the baton around the world in 1 year after all. 

Ripple Relay = Leisurely rides planned around your schedule and weather. Hit the best roads you can and share the ride with others. You have a year to keep the flag moving in your country, so make the best of it and pass it on.

Global Relay = Got to stay on schedule, so will not have time to cover all the corners of each country as it passes through. 

Ripple Relay = Take your time and use the forum to coordinate with women from other cities and make plans to pass the flag at meetups, rides, events and rallies.

Global Relay = Don’t like the route posted? A lot of work went in to creating the route and keeping with the schedule and there may be reasons that you are not aware of for the decisions made. 

Ripple Relay = Don’t like the route posted? Make your own route! And invite others to join you, and see how many women you can reach.

Global Relay = Requires registration, fees and signed waiver to participate and be counted in the numbers. Full days ride commitment expected.

Ripple Relay = No registration, fees or waiver required. Just communicate with others and coordinate passing the flag. Take a picture at each hand off, and the pics will be shared with our social media.

Global Relay = Men are allowed as companions. They can’t carry the baton, but they can travel with the group. 

Ripple Relay = Don’t want men? Don’t invite them. Want men? Invite them. You get to make the rules!

Global Route = Planned events catering to women riders along the way. 

Ripple Relay = You too can plan an event catering to women. We’re glad to provide the same guidelines we’ll be using on the global relay and assist you in setting it up with your local dealers/shops.


In regards to the suggestions made for alternatives the £25 registration cost to join the relay over the past few days, we want you to know we heard you.

It has always been our aim to be as inclusive as possible for all female riders, however there are costs involved in coordinating an event of this magnitude. It has also always been our aim to provide quality support to you the first time every time, but in the limited months we have to coordinate the world wide relay, there are bound to be things that we cannot properly predict. That is why your feedback is invaluable and appreciated. We listen to what you have to say.

? We have decided to provide an additional option for Guardian registration, one which offers a lower cost (equivalent to £5). ?

We were swayed to do this for the following reasons: the economic climate in participating countries, individuals may not be interested in the guardian pack items, and to offer a similar fee to the male companions. This type of registration will not include any merchandise but will include a digital certificate of participation. Any rider choosing the £5 registration option is still a fully participating Guardian and is entrusted in ensuring that the Baton reaches the end of the leg.

⚠️ Individuals that have already purchased the £25 registration have the option to receive a refund if they do not wish to receive the t-shirt and patch. ⚠️

We are continuing to work on scholarship opportunities for those members that may be interested in providing or receiving one. More details will be provided as we develop that program.

Lots of love ❤️ the WRWR Admin Team ❤️



The task of planning such a monumental ride (2 world record possibilities!) is extremely difficult. It is not possible to reach every corner of this world without the relay taking years to complete! We know that you are disappointed.

This was the vision of Hayley Bell And each and everyone of us was so excited by the idea, by the drive, by the inspiration! But we all had our own ideas of how, where, what, when and why. Now when the details are released and it doesn’t match what we had envisioned we give up? We walk away? We fight each other?

If you want to see this relay in your backyard we would suggest that for those of you who are not able to make it on the routes as they have been planned through your country consider a RIPPLE RELAY! Let the relay spread!

If a guardian is willing to leave a stop along the route and continue a ride to the parts of the country that cannot officially be reached as a result of the schedule please put your hand up!!! How awesome would that be?

We came on board for a reason. How to achieve that goal is different for everyone. The Women Riders World Relay will continue as Hayley Bell has envisioned. But you can still be a part of it! You can still be a part of an amazing adventure!

Well? Who’s in for a great big RIPPLE EFFECT?

??Girls! Here’s the moment you have all been waiting for! ??


• We have now released the guide route on our website for the UK and Ireland.

Please note: This may change on the day and vary due to road closures, weather conditions and time restrictions, however, it is a guide route for Guardians to take.

The main thing is that we ensure the baton is picked up at the start location and ends at the end location each day. Please paste the below url into your browser and follow it through to your country to see the routes. NOTE: More countries routes will be added over the coming weeks and months in the order the relay occurs. Only the UK and Ireland are available to view at present as they are first up in the relay.

• Guardians of the baton for the UK and Ireland can now sign up for a leg or multiple legs.
• Please ensure you follow ALL “3 Steps” on the routes page in the above link. Registration for legs is £25 or the equivalent currency and will include your Guardian Pack. YOU ONLY PAY ONCE, even if you are doing multiple legs so please do not purchase the guardian pack twice if you are doing 2 legs etc etc.
• If you are unsure what a Guardian is, please see our FAQ’s section here:

• The shop has now opened for WRWR Merchandise! Please visit and click on “SHOP” in the menu bar to view.
• IMPORTANT: Please note we need to meet a minimum order amount prior to placing the order with manufactures and then shipping, therefore, ITEMS WILL NOT BE DISPATCHED BEFORE FEBRUARY. THIS APPLIES TO GUARDIAN PACK TOO.
• We will be prioritizing the UK and Ireland orders first as the girls need their merchandise for the relay first.
• PLEASE ENSURE YOU SELECT THE RIGHT SIZES BASED ON THE SIZING GUIDES PROVIDED FOR EACH PRODUCT (They differ for each product so please check each individually) We will not be able to refund or exchange items based on incorrect sizes being ordered so please ensure you check this!

Enjoy! And we look forward to seeing you all in matching WRWR gear at the relay!!    xxxx



A: We cannot allow individuals to participate if they are not a registered guardian for preparation of route planning and liability concerns. A full leg commitment is required for logistical and safety reasons live tracking of the location real time is not likely and we won’t be able to guarantee communication throughout parts of a leg. Additionally without the commitment of a full leg the risk is run that the relay will be left incomplete.


A: Absolutely. Guardian’s are allowed to invite 1 male companion if they wish to to enable pillions to ride with whomever they feel comfortable with and if women wish to bring a male companion, they can do. The majority of us were introduced to motorbikes by a man and we want to show our support to men like they have supported us. Men will be charged £5 to ride as a companion and all proceeds will go towards sponsoring a woman rider who wishes to be a guardian but cannot afford the sign up fee. Men will need to register as a companion and sign a waiver too. Companion registration forms will be sent to guardian’s in their guardian packs.


A: We cannot allow individuals to participate if they are not a registered guardian for preparation of route planning and liability concerns. We need a form of commitment from women participating as a guardian as for many of the routes, there will be one sole rider. If that rider doesnt turn up, we create logistical chaos for the entire worlds routes and it will effect ferrys and hotels that women have booked in advance. The £25 is compensated by providing you with a Guardian pack including a fairtrade t shirt, patch, an official certificate of participation and a formal invite to the end of relay WRWR exhibition. A full leg commitment is required for logistical and safety reasons live tracking of the location real time is not likely and we won’t be able to guarantee communication throughout parts of a leg. Additionally without the commitment of a full leg the risk is run that the relay will be left incomplete.


A: The UK and Ireland routes have been released. The rest of the world’s routes will be released in the order in which they occur on the relay. We will be announcing each country as it gets released.


A: No. The joining form was created to give us an idea of where everybody was situated so that we could best plan the routes around you. If you wish to ride the relay routes, you will need to fill in the guardian form mentioned above in this post.


A: Understandable. Facebook is not the best medium to get information across as things get lost in posts and threads. This is why we will be emailing all those who have filled out the joining form to give you full descriptions of what is happening and what you need to do. Please ensure you check your spam inbox incase you miss it. We will be emailing this week.

Thank you to everyone who has applied to be an Ambassador. This is the list of countries that are still open: Slovakia, Latvia, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Oman. Please share this post with anyone who has connections in these countries or apply to be an Ambassador via the link below. Thanks!

Ambassador Application

We could use your help…

Our Women Riders World Relay team is super busy working to plan and organize the monumental round-the-world relay we have planned for 2019, which starts in just 2 months!

Once we launch our merchandise store, start having events, gathering sponsors, and taking registrations we hope to have a little bit of income generated steadily to help maintain our organization costs (creation of website/hosting/development, creation of a legal entity, accounting/legal fees, licensing, office supplies, marketing supplies, stickers and promo items, purchasing equipment, making the baton, shipping fees, etc.). In the meantime, our founder and some of the Admin team have been paying for these things out of our own pockets. We have been more than happy to do that because of the passion we have for this cause.

Until we have a small stream of income established, please consider donating to our account to help offset some of the fees we have paid to get this group off the ground. Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated. If every member gave $1 or £1, or the equivalent, we would have a good base to get our basic costs covered and grow even more quickly. However, we know most members may not contribute, so any size donation is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for your consideration.
Your WRWR Admin Team


?⁉️? WRWR FAQs?⁉️?

WRWR is still very new (did you know it started on 29th August 2018) and we know you have lots of questions about the relay. Find some FAQ’s below and if you have any further questions, post it in the comments and the WRWR tram will get back to you.

? What is WRWR and what does it involve? ?

WRWR (Women Riders World Relay) is a female biker relay, covering even the remote, the daring and the vast parts of our world. This involves women passing a baton via “legs” of a journey across the world, for example: London to Paris.

? What is the relay schedule? ?

The relay kicks off in February 2019 at John O’Grates and concludes in January 2020 in UAE.

February 2019: Scotland, Ireland
March 2019: Wales, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Italy
April 2019: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany
May 2019: Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus
June 2019: Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan
July 2019: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos
August 2019: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia
September 2019: New Zealand, Japan, Canada
October 2019: USA, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica
November 2019: Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay
December 2019: Paraguay, Brazil, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana
January 2020: Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Oman, UAE

The UK and Ireland route has been released and routes will be released in order of the relay from here on out.

Find out more about the route here:

? What does it mean to participate in the relay? ?

We will be passing a baton from rider to rider all the way around the world, and we want to make sure it’s in safe hands.

‘Guardians’ will carry the Baton for a full day’s ride from start to finish. We encourage as many people to sign up as possible on each leg, but it only takes one to get the job done. It costs £25 to become a Guardian and your commitment is rewarded with a Guardian pack.

➡️ How do I sign up for the relay? ⬅️

Guardianship should be taken very seriously as we need to ensure the women signing up are committed to carrying the baton through to the next Guardian/s. If just one woman drops out, the entire world routes and schedules are skewed.

Therefore, there is a £25 (or equivilent in other currencies) fee to become a Guardian. This cost covers the products in your special Guardian Sign Up Pack (T Shirt, Patch and Certificate) and any additional funds are placed back into the event to cover the costs such as website hosting and development, events, shipping etc.

We are a non-profit organisation and have kept the Guardian registration fee to a low amount to ensure everybody can participate that wishes to.

If you can commit to becoming a Guardian of the baton, please follow the steps through from the Routes page to sign up:

⚠️ Can I ride part of a leg? Do I still need to register as a Guardian? ⚠️

We need committed riders to carry the baton from start to finish of the relay. Due to the complexity of logistics each day just to get Guardians on the road; for safety reasons and liability issues, we cannot organise individuals to participate part of the legs.

? I completed a form when I joined the group, am I a Guardian? ?

No. The joining form was created to give us an idea of where everybody was situated so that we could best plan the routes around you. If you wish to ride the relay routes, you will need to register as a Guardian (see above).

 Who is the ambassador for my country? 

Country Ambassadors are not being introduced to the group until they are ready, and they may introduce themselves to solicit help. In some cases the ambassador is still learning their role and working on getting a better idea of the scope of the relay in their region.

? The route isn’t coming through my town, how can I participate? ?

The ride is not the only thing happening during the Relay. There may be events scheduled in different countries. This is where inspiration and community will come together.

Keep an eye out on our social media for these dates, times, and locations. We can’t wait to see you there!

? Are trikes,scooters and pillions welcome? ?

YES! Whether you’re on three wheels or two, 50cc or 1000cc, riding solo or riding pillion – all women riders are welcome!

?My Father / Brother / Husband / Boyfriend / Cousin / Friend wants to ride with me, and they identify as being male. Can they join in? ?

Yes, absolutely!! WRWR recognizes we need support in all shapes and sizes. Men will not be able to register as guardians, but are accepted on the ride as a companion.

Each Guardian is entitled to 1 x companion and all companions must be registered. Companion registration information will be sent to each (female) Guardian via email.

Companions will be charge £5 and must complete the waiver and form in able to participate. All Companion proceeds will go towards sponsoring women who cannot afford the sign up costs of becoming a Guardian.

? How do I help support WRWR? ?

Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated to help us get this event off the ground. The team are made up of volunteers who juggle the tasks to moving this ahead around their personal lives and work. All donations will go towards covering the costs such a website, events, subsidising Guardianship etc.

? How do I contact the WRWR team??

You can email us at or drop us a message on Facebook. We are always happy to help! Please bear with us as we are extremely busy with organising the event outside of our normal working lives.

? Where can I buy WRWR merchandise? ?

All merchandise can be found here and the first order will be shipped in February 2019.