Vaishali Kulkarni Moré, a veteran first solo woman biker, from Andhra Pradesh, India ,is an educationist, a Rotarian, avid trekker with YHAI and a Pinkathon Ambassador who promotes ‘Be Bold for change’ and’ Fit Women for Fit Families.’

She started riding at the age of 17 and enjoyed dirt biking and doing stunts. She joined the group Night Hawks as the only female rider and did many one day rides with them on borrowed bikes from friends. She left motorbiking in 1990 after her engagement and started again in 2015. Her 26 year old son motivated her to get into solo biking with full confidence at the age of 47 .

Solo Motorbiking is like meditation for her and her most ” happy- zone “.

A special message she would like to give bikers is ‘Motorbiking is not related to any particular gender. Just as we can cook, we can ride motorcycles too. India is a safe country to travel, provided you take certain precautions for safety. Age is just a number, so there is no age to follow your dreams, pursue your passion and fulfill your wishes and find your happy place, just as she is doing at 50 +.’

Vaishali is very popularly known amongst the young biking community as the ” biker mom from vizag “.

She ,as a passionate biker and as an inspiration to many has spoken at various platforms to bring awareness on women related issues or riding ethics –

  1. Has been a guest speaker at the world helmet day celebrations at Vizag by Naked wolves biking community and spoke on the importance of helmet while riding a two wheeler.
  2. She was the guest of honor to flag off an all women two wheeler rally on women’s day 2018 conducted by Youth hostel, Andhra Pradesh.
  3. She was the first of honor at a JCI and Lion’s club event to spread the message on ” bleed with dignity “to bring about the awareness among girls during menstruation cycle.
  4. Has been the guest speaker at the peregrine chronicles episode 1 conducted by road thrills vizag .
  5. Was a guest speaker to share her biking stories at the Youth speak forum of AIESEC vizag .
  6. Is a registered human book with the human library vizag and shares her travelling experiences with her readers constantly.
  7. Hosted the World Motorcycle Day event in Vizag.
  8. She has been featured by the UK telegraph and NY times ,NDTV and New Woman and Yo! Vizag magazines, Local radio and TV stations and many newspapers in the country.

Her fb page –

Insta- vaishu193