At the age of 16 I had my first experience with motorcycles.
Young, inexperienced and adventurous I climbed on the back of an
off-road bike – no gear, no helmet…

Of course I fell off, luckily didn’t hurt myself too bad, but ever since,
I never wanted to (and didn’t) go back
on a motorcycle…

A couple of years later, I got married, had two children and was (as I
thought), happy with what I had. I still didn’t want
to get on a motorbike… too much fear.

My husband loved riding and he was absolutely willing for me to give it
a try again…

It took him 10 years to get me on the back of his motorcycle – starting
off with short trips, he made me gain more and more
confidence and I started enjoying it.

Later that year we took a 3 day trip to the moselle area and I just
loved it – saying “I bet it is more fun riding myself”.

My husband just listened and kept this in his mind.

On my 40th birthday, he surprised me with a Suzuki GS and a voucher for
my driver license.

I have now been riding my own bike for 7 years – now it is a Honda NC700X (I
call her broomstick) I am riding and I love her.

I have met so many great people and still do. I enjoy the nature and
achieving more and more skills.

I love going up on mountains but I also love the seaside – You find
places on a motorcycle you wouId have never done without one.

I love challenging my own skills. Gravel used to scare me, but now I love

Riding my bike means freedom, exploring, enjoying…