Who’d have thought a fifty-year old, divorced mother of two would become enamored of all things motorcycling when I met Terry, my soon to be new husband? Sure, I’d learned to ride briefly as a teen, but hadn’t thought of a bike since then.

Fast forward to today, and I’m now the only person to have completed three eleven-day Iron Butt Rally scavenger-type hunt competitions as a pillion (two) and then as a solo rider (one). I’ll be attempting my fourth next June, having put over 100,000 miles on my various motorcycles since I started riding solo in 2011. My current bike is the Honda NC700, along with a Honda CRF250L for dirt. My passion is travel…and especially if I can ride there. I love meeting women who ride, and often upload their stories to my Facebook page, ‘The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling” as a way to encourage connections, competence, and empowerment.

Having spent most of my career as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I transitioned to coaching through my business, The Winner’s Mind, specializing in working with athletes to help overcome fears and learn to focus on being their best, whether on horses, motorcycles, or the golf course. I wrote for the Iron Butt Magazine, a publication dedicated to safe, long distance riding, until it ceased publication, and currently write for WomenADVriders.com, and help with the newsletter for the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists. In addition, I’ve published four books, in addition to The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling. My work can be found through Amazon or ask your local bookseller to look me up.