I’m 55. I am a Registered/Clinical Nurse and I work in Mental Health. I work in a large hospital inpatient setting in Perth Western Australia. I work full time shift work 40 hours per week.

My past:

I first got on a bike when I was 18 as a pillion. I tried learning to ride then but fell off. I dreamt every time I saw a bike how envious I was and that one day I’d like to try again.

That happened 3 years ago this coming December. I learnt to ride and it took me 5 months. A friend helped my buy my first bike and we began lessons. Once I had got my license on May the 4th 2016, I went out and taught myself how to ride in all conditions.

I still have my first bike. It’s a Honda CBR125  called “Friday”, so only a little sports bike. It was a challenge that’s for sure, being so little in traffic with so little power. But I did it.

I bought my second bike also, a Honda CBR this time a 500CC, so much bigger. I had to learn how to ride that and that was another challenge being bigger and handling differently. The weight was 190kgs as apposed to my little bike being only 110kgs.

I’ve had “Flynn” now for just over 2 years and we’ve ridden 43,000 kms together. Most of that as a solo rider. I’ve been in groups and wasn’t keen, so I ride solo to the beat of my own drum and to the throb of Flynn beneath me.

The best feeling. The best combination. The best therapy.

I have 2 adult sons. I left an abusive marriage 4.5 years ago which was a 27 year relationship. I am now happy and free .

This is the best my life’s ever been and I won’t change anything. I am buying my own home and I am fully financially independent.

One day I want to tour Australia on my bike and connect with people who have or are experiencing domestic violence and help them move on. With my personal experience and my career I understand what people are going through and if there’s anything I can do to help them at the time, that’s what I will do.

Taking my bike will help people see what dreams and goals are made of. I ride most of my days off and mainly in the country as the scenery is beautiful.