I am 50 from Sydney, Australia. I started to ride 5 or 6 years to join my husband on rides to have coffee, lunch, the beach, the mountains and I became addicted. My children, 2 boys aged 24 and 26 are not so sure. I have had a few bikes over the years. Suzuki TU 250, BWM F650GS, Triumph Street Triple 675.

I commute to work and usually leave around 5.30am, nice and quiet on the roads.  I have a fairly stressful IT/Business job managing a banking application and find riding to and from work a great unwind.

I have joined a few groups over the years and have many great friends who ride. I ride the annual Pink Ribbon Ride to raise money for Breast Cancer research (Pink you bike and yourself up), the annual Onesie ride (Wear a onesie while riding) to raise money for the Starlight Children’s foundation who grant wishes and help make sick children smile. I have been around Europe and UK 2016 and 2017 on a bike (last year 11 countries in 5 weeks). I hope to be part of the annual Parkinson Disease ride to raise money for this horrible disease.

In May 2017 I was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease. I initially thought this would be the end of my riding but was assured that for now I can keep riding. My tremors are fairly under control and my balance still good so I will continue to ride.

I can’t do the long distance riding anymore so very lucky I managed to do the Europe/UK ride last year.  I now ride a Suzuki TU again due to my Parkinson’s Disease. Don’t stop what you love!