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How long have you been riding?

My father bought my first bike when I was in primary school. After high school I bought my first bike (Suzuki GSXR 400), had it for a few years and decided to sell it and just never had the opportunity to replace it. In 2018 I decided to start riding again an bought my “Little Monster”.

What do you ride?

Ducati Monster 797

Why do you ride?

Triple F’s …… Freedom, Friendship and Fun! Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing. 

What is your greatest achievement on two wheels?

It will be riding with the baton during the South African Women Riders World Relay.

What potential impact do think WRWR would have on the world?

WRWR will give women the confidence in pushing their own boundaries and unite women with their love off Motorcycles. 

Do you have a good crash story?

Luckily not and hoping this section will not be updated soon.

Do you have a biking idol?

Every women that rides is an idol to me, but there are 2 ladies that stand out. Kirsten Landman and Taye Perry. They conquered the world’s toughest race and both of these talented South Africans have been named as the first women from Africa to ever race the Dakar on motorcycles!

Do you work on your own bikes?

Yes, I can do the basics.

What’s your dream bike?

I don’t have a specific dream bike, but for my next bike I would like to get an Adventure bike.

Where would you most like to ride in the world?

I first want to travel the whole of South Africa before I can think of any other destination. We have a beautiful country that I need to explore first.


Where are you from?

South Arica. Born in Delareyville and now living in Johannesburg.

What do you do for work?

I am an Inbound Incentive Travel Manager to Southern Africa, Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.

How old are you?

My body reminds me frequently that I am 37, but my spirit is in their early 20’s. Constant arguments between the two.

Do you have a family of your own?

Yes, not married, but have been in a relationship for 14 years with my partner and we have 4 furry kids.

Would you teach your kids to ride?

If I had human kids, most properly. 

Were you in any groups or clubs before WRWR?

No, solo rider until I learned about WRWR.

What do you enjoy doing aside from biking?

Photography, specifically wildlife. Love being in the bush.

What one word best describes you?


…Now what one word that people who know you well would describe you?

My Partner: “Selfless” 

My Sister: “Reliable” 

My Mother: “Mal koppie” (Direct translation to English is “Crazy head”

Do you have a biker name – if not what would it be?

Nope ……. Haven’t thought about it.

What superpowers do you have and what would you have if you could choose?

Body manipulation – ability to alter the size or length of a body part. This tends to happen around my stomach area when I chuff fast foods in my mouth.

If I could choose any superpower, it will be to understand and talk to my dogs.

Who got you into riding?

I would say my father, as he bought my first bike (properly getting permission first from my mother), even though he wasn’t riding motorcycles at all.

Why did you join WRWR?

I wanted to be part of history and go on an adventure.