Living in Kalgoorlie in 1984 I bought a new 250 Yamaha as a 21st present to myself. This was a conventional time and I wanted to be different.

On weekends I was hanging out at Kambalda having a go at skydiving with mushroom shaped parachutes. A few years later my now husband would turn heads with a distinctive Harley rumble riding through towns on a 3 month trip around Australia. Heads would stay turned as I followed on a BMW 650 in my leather jacket and lace ribbon in my hair. I had a 30 year hiatus from the BMW to my HD 883 Sportster. I was scared but determined. I pushed myself, got a few lessons and even did Trakdayz at Barbagello Raceway.

I’ve never claimed to be a great rider but I’m proud to say that I’ve risen to the challenge of cross winds, driving rain, freezing cold, bug swarms and incredibly hot Aussie days. Congratulations ladies, we are gaining respect and crushing stereotypes becoming more than pillions. We are brave, gorgeous and in control.

This worldwide phenomenon of lady riders will continue to gain momentum as we support, encourage and build each other up.