Hey there, I am Debb, your regular 40(ish) year old Mum, wife, worker and of course an Aussie chick.

I am the founder of the 2WheelBabes Babe Raid, the biggest all women’s motorcycle rally in Australia, and I am the owner of First Aid for Motorcyclists a internationally recognized Motorcycle accident management training course.  www.firstaidformotorcyclists.com.au

Riding was not always a part of my life, I started quite late, in my early 30’s after being a back rest and not loving it at all, I decided it was time to get my own wheels and ride my own ride my way.

I loved riding from the moment I got on my own bike.  I would ride everywhere I could.

I went to loads and loads of rally’s and other events, I could not get enough of it.

In 2009, at another rally, myself and 2 of my friends were having a wine and started discussing about how rallies don’t have a lot of things for women to do, and how male orientated they were.

It was from there that 2WheelBabes was formed.

What is 2WheelBabes – It is a great weekend away to celebrate, encourage, support, educate and more women who love motorcycles not matter if they are a rider, a pillion or an admirer.   This year in November we will be hosting our 16th Rally in Australia.  You can find out more here www.2wheelbabes.com

From the” Babe Raid” came our world record events, these were created in Australia in 2014 and now are followed and hosted all over the world with the UK and the USA continually upping the anti for us here in Australia.  (See our website for more information).

Why the Rally’s … (it isn’t for the money!!! I’ve never made a wage yet), seeing women connecting no matter what walks of life they are from sharing their passion, laughter, love and friendship is amazing! Giving local small towns a great financial boost and donating and supporting our charities, All these things happen at the 2WheelBabes Babe Raid.  Most women can say that they made life long friendships at a Babe Raid as people come from all over Australia to attend.  With social media so fast and furious it is great to be able to spend a weekend in person with people who love the things you love.

Why do I ride… because riding is my time out, my Zen and my place to think and plan, riding is a hobby that can be solo or group and it is enjoyable either way.

Why is WRWR so exciting … because as a whole world we will be making a fantastic impact!

I cannot wait to be part of it.