I have been riding motorbikes since I was about 10 years old. My passion started when sitting in the back seat of my dads car I heard this loud rumble go past and my dad explained that it was a Harley Davidson. Being a small town country girl, riding motorbikes was one of the few things that we could do for fun. My dream was to one day ride a big black bike just like the one I saw when I was 10.

I bought my first motorcycle, a Yamaha RZ 250R and rode that baby for 2 years before a dog ran out and under my front wheel. I went over the bars and came down hard. No broken bones, but some major gravel burns from the bitumen. My “invincible” stage came to an abrupt halt and I stopped riding for a few years. Move me up to 2012, a husband and 2 kids later and the desire to ride was creeping back in. My husband could see that I needed to ride and so out I went looking for a bike. My first Harley was a sporty, and I was hooked! My husband wanted to ride so we then found a second sporty and rode them for the next 6 months before realising we wanted to go bigger and further on our rides.

Fast track to 2018, I now own a 2014 Fatboy, Approximately 140,000 kms on various bikes in 6 years and most states visited on the back of my Harley. My quote for the day, “we ride not to escape life, but to make sure life doesn’t escape us”. Live to Ride. Cheers!